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Building owners are faced with the challenge of managing operating costs while achieving sustainability goals, and there is an ever increasing array of viable green technology options to choose from.

Making the right investment decisions can be tough. Why not let ACC help?

ACC has the expertise and track record to deliver commercial savings and improved sustainability to your operations. We'll ensure that you'll enjoy consistently lower utility bills, high reliability, and improved living and working conditions.

We offer clients financed solutions based upon long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

We design, build, finance and operate the solutions we provide and you get to enjoy lower energy costs and improved environmental benefits.

ACC will make the technology investment and install and manage the system, and you'll buy energy from us at a rate that is lower than your existing energy supplier.

Prior to implementation, ACC will confirm the technical and commercial viability and provide a complementary feasibility study to show the monetary and environmental savings over the life of the system.

For rooftop Solar PV systems, ACC will confirm the roof load bearing

capacity and sunlight conditions during the feasibility study stage.

For GES or ground mounted Solar PV systems, ACC will confirm the geotechnical viability of the ground area. For GES, the boreholes are underground so you can build on top of the land we use.

Financed solutions work best at locations that are anticipated to enjoy steady production for years to come, so that all parties can realize a benefit from the investment.

The basic terms of a PPA are straightforward.

We'll agree on a rate for the supply of energy, usually a 10% discount to your current rates.

ACC will commit to supplying energy at this rate over the life of the contract.

You'll commit to pay us for the energy we supply over the life of the contract.

And the planet gets a free ride because there will be loads of sustainability benefits from our solutions - lower carbon emissions and, in the case of a GES, lots of water savings.

Talk to us, our team can quickly assess whether there is a good green energy solution for your facility

and provide an estimate of savings and sustainability improvement you will enjoy.

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