Huali Tuozhan II
Weihai Shandong
1st June, 2020
Location Capacity COD

The 4.8 megawatt solar system will also assist in achieving sustainability goals. Over its lifetime, the system will save approximately 127,193 tons of CO2, or the equivalent of 54.18 million liters of gasoline. In addition to monetary savings, the environmental benefits are significant, helping Tuozhan Group to achieve its corporate social responsibility goals.

According to Thomas Lapham, CEO of Asia Clean Capital, “We are delighted to roll out the second project with Tuozhan Fiber Group. It is particularly exciting to work with Tuozhan, as they are a world-leader in their field. We look forward to the potential for many more renewable projects together in the future.”

ACC&Tuozhan II 4.8MW Solar PV Project