Team Building Event: Outside Orienteering

Jun 2016 — An ACC orienteering event was organized at Yudushan Natural Scenic Zone in Huairou District this June. Orienteering is an adventure sport in which participants navigate using a map and compass to find their way between control points of various natural and man-made features marked on a specially drawn map. The skills required for orienteering are choosing the best route between control points and good team coordination, a real combination of metal challenge and physical challenge to the players. Ten points and tasks were planned and designed for the game by of the outsourcing training company.

ACC staff was divided into two large teams and four small groups. Two teams had to find all points marked on the map and complete the tasks given by on site trainers at four main spots, and ultimately infer and arrive at the destination according to all clues searched at each spots within a specified time.

ACC team members gained a lot of fun in the beautiful natural scenery.