ACC’s CFO Hosts Solar Investment and Risk Management Roundtable

ACC’s CFO Hosts Solar Investment and Risk Management Roundtable

13 September 2016

Beijing, PRC—Sep 13th, 2016—The Solar PV Investment, Financing, and Risk Management Seminar, co-organized by the China Association of Photovoltaic Industry and the China Association of Financial Leasing Enterprises was held in Beijing last week. Over 100 top experts from China’s leading power station development companies, financial institutions, industry organizations, law firms, and solar product manufacturers shared experiences at the conference. Michael Lv, the CFO of Asia Clean Capital (“ACC”) served as the roundtable host.

With the explosive growth of the photovoltaic market in China, particularly distributed solar, the industry faces an urgent demand for capital. To ensure attractive returns on investment, industries and enterprises have started focusing on risk management and financial model innovation. The main purpose of this meeting is to promote communication and cooperation between the solar industry and financial institutions and to explore innovative risk control measures and financing modes.

ACC’s Michael Lv hosted the roundtable discussion on risk management and innovative financial models for distributed solar projects. Experts from financial institutions and solar power station developers exchanged views over issues related to risk management, system construction, project evaluation, innovative financing models, and solar industry best practices. Mr. Bohua Wang, the Secretary General of the China Association of Photovoltaic Industry, and Mr. Guilin Wang, Vice President and Secretary General of the China Association of Enterprises Financing Lease delivered speeches in the event.

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Asia Clean Capital Ltd. (“ACC”) is a leading clean energy solutions developer that serves large multinational and domestic firms throughout China. Focused on rooftop solar projects, ACC invests 100 percent of the project costs and provides the design, engineering, equipment, government approvals, installation, and long-term maintenance of solar systems. All electricity produced is then provided to clients at agreed rates lower than when purchased from the local power grid. The company has offices in Beijing and Hong Kong.

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