Asia Clean Capital Joins Google X Panel

Asia Clean Capital Joins Google X Panel

18 November 2015

November 16th, 2015, Beijing, PRC — Google Solve for X was held in Beijing on November 16th highlighting Google’s ambitious “moonshot” program to promote ideas with the potential to positively change the world. Five keynote speakers shared their moonshot ideas and received feedback and encouragement from a number of distinguished panelists. Thomas Lapham, CEO of Asia Clean Capital (“ACC”) was invited to serve on the panel, bringing a clean-energy perspective to the proceedings.

The event marked the first time a Solve for X meeting was held in the Asia-Pacific region. According to Google, “China has many of the world’s greatest scientists, engineers, inventors and thinkers; through Solve for X, Google hopes to link China’s moonshot thinkers with people of similar thinking outside, and to accelerate their efforts to the world.”

These are efforts, according to Google, that “take on global-scale problems, define radical solutions to those problems, and involve some form of breakthrough technology that could actually make them happen.”

Key moonshots shared at the event include potential breakthroughs in the fields of energy production, medical equipment, lifestyle, and communications. According to Thomas Lapham, CEO of ACC, “Solve for X is exciting because it brings together some of the world’s smartest people in an effort to bring radical solutions out of the theoretical and into the possible. One of the technologies shared has immediate and exciting possibilities for ACC’s business, although it will have to remain confidential for the time being.”